Europe here we come! After being awake since Wednesday morning in Los Angeles until Friday night in Germany (that’s a total of 51 hours with all the crazy time zones!!!), we are absolutely exhausted!

We started our journey at 2 am on Thursday morning on a bus to LAX, flight to New York JFK airport at 7 am and then from New York City all the way across the ocean to Zurich, Switzerland, where we arrived Friday morning at 7 am.

We picked up our rental car (Enterprise) and took off across beautiful Switzerland, through the Swiss Alps and along gorgeous mountain lakes. A rest stop finally gave us the chance to take a few snapshots of the breathtaking valleys nestled between the mountain ranges.

And then we were headed straight to Interlaken where we visited the Jungfrau Park, or better known as Mystery Park, a museum and interactive park that is dedicated to exploring the possibility that Ancient Aliens have visited humans thousands of years ago and built some of the most amazing monuments known to man, like the statues on the Easter Islands, the Pyramids and of course Stonehenge (which we will be visiting in a few days ourselves). Everything is based on the theories by Erich von Däniken. The museum was incredibly interesting and fun! Definitely worth visiting.

Check out their website here:

In the evening we crossed the border to Germany at Basel and finally arrived exhausted at our Hotel Schloss (Castle) Hornberg, where we took one last picture of the castle tower next to the hotel against a breathtaking evening skyline lined with thunder clouds.

The hotel was absolutely amazing, the staff was incredibly friendly and we would definitely recommend it to everyone to stay there for a night or two. Although we booked through our app, you check out the hotel’s website for more information here:

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