Ok let’s talk sanitation! You all know how many germs are on your phone, your keys, your wallet and everything else you touch on a daily basis. We have all learned (thanks to covid-19), how important it is to wash our hands. Great, so you wash your hands and then the first thing you touch again is your phone, your wallet, your keys. They carry all the germs you had on your hands before you washed them and – bam – they are back on your hands!

So what now?

Well my favorite way to keep my small items I use on a daily basis as clean as possible is to sanitize them in a UV light box. Every night when I come home, I stick all the little things from my purse, money, keys, my lipstick into my UV light sanitizer box and voila, it kills up to 99% of all the germs that have accumulated during the day!

My absolutely favorite one is the portable UV sanitizer box from Needs4Home sold on Amazon. It’s small enough to fit on my nightstand, but big enough to hold everything I want to sanitize over night. It fits in your luggage so you can travel with it and it has an automatic off switch that senses when it is opened to protect your eyes. I put everything in it, my jewelry, my sunglasses, even my makeup brushes.

We live in a world bombarded by germs, bacteria and viruses. We have learned the importance of washing our hands and disinfecting frequently touched surfaces. So why not extend that same hygiene routine to all the things we touch every day!

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