Ok, here is the deal: I love to cook, I am a makeup artist working frequently with hot tools, and don’t even get me started on my pale butt burning as soon as I spend more than 15 minutes in the sun. So burns happen – all the time!

I have tried all the relief cremes and soothes salves you can get, from over the counter to prescription. Sure some numb the pain, but nothing really helped speed up the healing at the same time. I wanted something that gave me relief and cooling at the same time as it would help my burns heal.

Enter Silver Seal by Medagel.

Wow what a difference. Silverseal Hydrogel dressings with X-Static Silver are used for the topical management of minor superficial wounds, minor lacerations, minor abrasions and minor first degree burns. These Silver first aid pads will not pull wound skin when removing. So I can finally cover my burns to comfortably wear clothing over them without the painful removal like when I use band aids.

Silverseal soothing sterile hydrogel pads are FDA cleared wound relief dressings. The gel dressing provides immediate pain relief to a burn or wound. These moist burn pads are used to treat burns with no known adverse reactions for over a decade. Silverseal moisturizing hydrogel dressings aid in the removal of non-viable tissue from the wound by keeping a moist wound environment. No need to pre-wet for burn & wound protection. Silverseal healing hydrogel based pads are sterile, latex-free and have the power of Silver for burns whether from open flame, hot water or radiation and give instant sunburn relief. These emergency burn gel pads are a must-have in your first aid kit.

Silverseal protective wound dressing pads with Silver coated fibers are applied directly to the wound, gel side down. I simply wrap a bandage around it to hold it in place and I am ready to go. Pain free, sterile and sanitary, and I know I can be back at the stove or the makeup station (maybe not quite the beach) in no time.

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